<![CDATA[South Highland Coffee & Carrying - Tips & Tricks]]>Fri, 03 Mar 2017 10:00:55 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Some Must Do Off-Hand Drills]]>Tue, 03 May 2016 05:38:48 GMThttp://southhighlandcc.com/tips--tricks/some-must-do-off-hand-drillsTake a look at the following video. If you are serious about training your gun for self defense then you need to incorporate some of these drills. They can be done at home just be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions. Always try to emulate scenarios that might happen in a real life confrontation. You might be injured and still in the fight so you've got to improvise. The best way to do that is to train your body so that if the time comes you already have the muscle memory. 

Remember Train Now for Later...
<![CDATA[There is No Reason a Citizen Needs an Assault Rifle...Yeah Right!]]>Mon, 25 Apr 2016 04:44:29 GMThttp://southhighlandcc.com/tips--tricks/there-is-no-reason-a-citizen-needs-an-assault-rifleyeah-rightSouthhighland CC Assault Rifle
I love the argument that there is no reason that a regular citizen should ever need an assault rifle. Whenever a responsible gun owner brings up the fact that we may one day need them to defend our family from an oppressive out of control (most likely World) government, you will undoubtedly be met with some eye rolling.

Sometimes I like to bring up one of the Waco Siege survivors and his account from inside the compound when the ATF was firing on his position from a helicopter. Talk about an oppressive government. Of course most people have only heard one side of that story as perpetrated by the press at behest of the DOJ where it was the Branch Dividians that fired first. (If you ever want to hear the other side you can always try to reach someone who was truly there. He still works and lives in Waco...TreeServiceWaco.com

But if that doesn't work I like to bring  up my first hand knowledge of another time not too long in our past when a few of my other friends absolutely needed their assault rifles. It was the early 90's and it was during the Los Angeles riots.

A couple of my Korean friends who owned shops in LA absolutely needed their assault rifles for several days, not only to protect their property and their livelihoods, but to protect their lives.  As they would tell me later it was a war zone!

They were shot at. Had stones, and molotov cocktails thrown at them. Groups were trying to rush at them and drive cars into their stores. They had to create barricades to keep the cars from destroying their storefronts. There were fires raging all around them and they had to help keep the flames away from their building all the while keeping gangs of people from looting their store and rushing their position and killing them. 

This went on for days until the National Guard came in to restore order. They were not expecting the riots to happen and they had to make due with what they had on site. Luckily they had enough food and water because they were a convenience store and also they had enough ammo because they had been robbed in the past by some local gangs and the local gangs there always had assault rifles and were known to take revenge on any good citizens sticking up for themselves. 

BTW, I am not completely against the government, obviously they saved my friends lives and without them order would not have been restored. I am only against out of control corruption when it happens and violates our rights as citizens. I'm not an advocate for Martial Law but I'm also not naive enough to think that it doesn't have its place. While there will always be some level of danger having the military patrol the streets, it was done the correct way with them eventually leaving and giving back policing duties to the proper authorities. 

Of course then you have the handling of Hurricane Katrina with the police going around and trying to disarm the citizens while looters ran a muck and FEMA with held food, water, and medicine. So when the government does a bad job I'm gonna criticize, when they do a good job I'll praise them. 

The bottom line though is that when society collapses it is solely up to you to protect your family. Help may not be coming for a very long time and if it does come it might come to disarm you. Be reliant, smart, vigil, and prepared. You have every God given right to protect your life, your property, and your family's future. 

<![CDATA[Train How You Carry!]]>Wed, 20 Apr 2016 04:51:06 GMThttp://southhighlandcc.com/tips--tricks/train-how-you-carryWoman Concealed Carry
Here is a topic that is rarely discussed at the range and rarely practiced by the majority of people shooting there. In fact I almost never see women doing this type of training and they are the ones that need it the most. That is not a sexist statement but one of logistics (I'll clarify in a bit).

A lot of it of course has to do with safety and the rules of the club you are at but DO NOT neglect this aspect of training. It is quite simple. However you are going to carry your concealed firearm is how you should train with your concealed firearm. In particular your draw and your retention. 

Accessing your weapon from your hip underneath your clothes can be different depending on whether you are carrying inside your waistline or outside. The location of where you are carrying should also be taken into consideration. Is it an appendix carry, on your side, or towards your back. So you have to practice drawing from concealment while under pressure (refer back to this post). You should also train to draw using both hands switching dominant and off as well as drawing one-handed with your dominant and with your off-hand. You also want to draw from different positions (seated, standing, bending over, on the ground). 

Now this is where I get to the reason why women should do this type of training. The reason I say that is because women are more likely to carry their guns in their purse rather than on their person. This creates a whole different dexterity requirement. If you are going to carry in a purse you need to be able to open and access your gun from your purse in various positions as well but keep in mind that these positions will be even more varied than if you were to carry on your person. For example...in your purse under the table next to your feet, in the purse next to you on the passengers seat, tucked under your arms, strapped over your shoulder, when someone is pulling the purse away from you, etc. 

The positions will also vary depending on which pocket or pockets you are going to carry your gun in. I'm not necessarily against carrying off-body concealed but the more barriers and elements you have to clear to get to your weapon equals more time it takes you to get to your weapon. In a life and death situation those few seconds can absolutely mean the difference between your life and your death. 

So to sum up. Keep these concepts in mind and practice accessing your weapon in as many different scenarios as you can from exactly how/where you are going to carry your handgun. Remember if you need to pull your gun you are in a life and death situation already. Time is definitely not on your side. Train it now for later. 

​Good Luck!

<![CDATA[The #1 Most Critical Concealed Carry Training You Absolutely Need to Start Doing Today!]]>Sun, 17 Apr 2016 18:35:43 GMThttp://southhighlandcc.com/tips--tricks/the-1-most-critical-concealed-carry-training-you-absolutely-need-to-start-doing-todayForce on Force
The one type of training that very few concealed carriers almost never get is the one training that they absolutely positively need. It's called Force on Force Training and it's one of the most neglected subjects in the world of concealed carry. The reason is that there are very few instructors who offer the training and a lot of the old guys in the industry don't do it because to do this type of training in the past required specialized gear and prior training. Many handgun instructors have never even gone through this type of training. It is not required to become an instructor but it should be. 

Running, grabbing, pushing, shoving, striking, and grappling with a gun was deemed to be unsafe and for good reason. A live firearm should never be used with this type of training. I repeat, a live firearm should never be used with this type of training. Luckily nowadays we highly realistic airsoft guns which are reasonably priced and relatively safe. Sure you still need a certain amount of protective equipment but really that can come down to goggles and heavy clothing. 

So what does a typical force on force class entail? Well it will vary depending on the instructor but a good force on force class will be a combination of self defense drills, drawing under duress drills, and scenario training where you are faced with a variety of scenarios, opponents, and shoot or don't shoot events. It should also include ground fighting, weapon retention, and tactical drills like clearing and reloading under pressure. 

Why is this type of training important? Because this is as close to reality you are going to get. If you have to pull your gun for real chances are you have been attacked or are being attacked. You will have to both defend and access your weapon at the same time. This is something that cannot be trained at the range. Most people think that the training that they get at the range is enough. Wrong, wrong, wrong. How is standing in a line shooting at a stationary target real. Now if you get into a good tactical class you can do a lot of movement using concealment and cover as well as shooting at moving targets. What you won't get is the feeling of having an opponent striking you, pushing you, grabbing for your gun, etc. 

If you have never gone through this type of experience you will never know how you are going to react. You may think you know how you're going to relax but chances are you will react much differently than you think. Like Mike Tyson said, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. You've got to make split second decisions and you don't want to have to deal with that while at the same time having your body deal with the fact that it has never been in a fight or flight situation before. You've got to train for later now!

So think about it and if it's available in your local community...get out and train force on force. You never know when you might need it.

- M. Stanaway, Gun Enthusiast and Concealed Carrier